Sunday, 20 November 2011

A whole new world....

Over the years it has often been suggested that I start a blog. On meeting me, people tend to find out fairly early on that I love to write. Mainly because, having studied English, I must, surely? I must love to write. I must love to read. I must want to be a teacher. I must read Shakespeare over breakfast. The vows that all English undergrads are made to recite every night before bed.

If you're sincerely nodding your head in agreement right now, I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken. It's true, I do love to read. I love to read anything that involves a wedding or Cecelia Ahern. I do know English students that know and love Shakespeare like a favourite big brother, and I know plenty of English graduates who are now in their element filling young minds with all they know about the glorious language. But to the utter disappointment of my tutors, I am neither of those.

I do, however, love to write. In all capacities. I note things down, make lists, skype, facebook, tweet, email, text, write stories and keep a beautiful silver diary.

Despite all this, I am ashamed to say, when it was first suggested that I should start a blog, I vaguely nodded my head and muttered something along the lines of 'mmm lovely', before preceding to change the subject (undoubtedly to something Disney related) and forget it was ever mentioned. For some reason the thought of a blog was....self-indulgent. And boring.

Now I'll be the first to admit- it is self indulgent. That's now become part of the attraction. But the last thing it is is boring. Having finally decided to take a sneak peek into this mysterious world, I read blogs written by people in London, Birmingham, Florida, China and Minnesota and, just like that- my name's Rebecca and I am addicted to blogs.

It's like having your own personal key to the world's diary.

As I sat there, curled up in my mum and dad's cosy corner sofa, reading about the ups and downs in the life of a Japanese teacher, I made an executive decision. To join this wonderful new world that I had discovered, and offer the world the opportunity to peek into my life.

So, as I make my way around Europe as a cowgirl, pirate, giant mouse or whatever else may be on my agenda (you'll have to read my future blogs to find out what that's about), I will attempt to keep you entertained with my wandering thoughts and random adventures.

How exciting.

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