Wednesday, 29 February 2012

When you wish upon a star....

Just over a month ago, I found myself smack bang in the middle of one of life's cruelest tests.

It was one of those gorgeous, crisp winter evenings and my sparkly new ipod had just arrived: the perfect time for a power walk. As I was wandering (I mean um...marching vigorously) along the beautiful Greystones beach and marvelling at how lucky I am to be once again living in such a wonderful place, my host mum called to ask me to pick up some milk. So, instead of sticking to my plan of striding determinedly past Tesco-proving to the world (well, myself) that a power walk is just as satisfying as a Butler's chocolate bar- I went in. And that's when it happened.

The self-service machine gave me €10 too much change. 

What would you have done? 

Now if anyone had asked me two months ago, I would probably have said the same as you. Tesco won't miss it. They'd never give up an opportunity to take extra money from you. Nobody will ever know.

So I left, an extra €10 in my pocket, and continued on my walk.

It took approximately thirty seconds for the guilt to set in.

I called my brother, who told me that I had to keep the money. 

I called my mum, who told me that I had to keep the money. 

I called my dad, my Irish prince, and my host mum, who all said the same thing. Keep the money.

Then I remembered my theory. Nothing big and bad ever happens to me. All the little things go wrong. The really little things. Anyone that's ever spent any time with me will tell you that. But the big things tend to go my way, and my theory is that this is because all the little things go wrong: it keeps things balanced somehow. 

So now that this exciting little thing had happened to me, did that mean that the big things would start to go wrong? Would everything go off balance?

I took it back. 

The lady working in there, Louise, was very pleasantly surprised, and didn't disguise her opinion that I should have kept the money. But then she went on to tell me what wonderful luck I would have now- that Karma definitely owed me one. I skipped out of the store feeling lighter than I had all evening. What would luck bring me next? 

Nothing good. 

Since that day, I have had the worst luck I have ever had in my life. Big bad things have started happening to me. Maybe Karma's annoyed I didn't take her little bit of good luck, and has decided to teach me a lesson? 

When I recently returned to Tesco with the Irish prince, I was once again served by Louise, who immediately asked how my luck was going. When I told her, she shook her head and promised me it's on its way. She then asked me- if I could make one brilliant thing happen to me, what would I wish for? 

So I gave the most obvious answer in the world- the one that everyone would give, surely? 

I'd wish for a job in Disneyland. 

I sighed, carried away in the daydream that I live in all day and sleep in all night. Then I heard a...snigger. 

Louise actually sniggered at my wish!

'Why on earth would you want to work in Disneyland?! I can't think of anything worse!'

Now if you're shocked at that part (which I know you are), brace yourself....

I closed my disbelieving mouth, collected my thoughts and was just about to launch into what I thought was an obvious and unnecessary explanation, when my Irish Prince- the person that I had thought was the other half of me, the person who understands me more than anyone, my Aladdin, my Flynn Ryder, my...beast (?)- laughed, nodded and replied 'I know! It's what she's always wanted, I'll never understand it either!' 


How many of these people are out there?! Is there a whole collection of them, or am I just..ahem... lucky enough to have met the only two? 

From what I have been told so far it appears that the world sadly doesn't share my dream. Not even my very own Prince....

And I still don't understand why. 

I knew that I wanted to work in Disneyland the day that I first stepped into the Paris Parc aged thirteen. 

Disneyland is the happiest, most magical place in the world. It's where Mickey Mouse lives. Working there would involve spending the day either playing the part of one of your childhood heroes -a fab way to experience celebrity life and remain anonymous (you'd practically be Hannah Montana)- or you would be surrounded by your childhood heroes all day at work, and have unlimited access to parades, shows and rides! 

So, a few years ago, I set about making this wish come true. I tried Pinocchio's advice, but no matter how many stars I wished upon, my dream still wouldn't come true. I agreed with Cinderella that a dream is a wish your heart makes, but unfortunately she was wrong too- no matter how much I believed, the dream that I wished still didn't come true. 

This led me to seek advice from a more practical source. 


When she wants something, she gets it. 

If she can wake up one morning and decide that, having been held hostage for seventeen years, she wants to See The Lights; then go on to spend that very afternoon escaping from her evil-witch-cum-adoptive-mother, blackmailing a passing thief and charming a pub full of thugs, and be singing under the lanterns of her dreams by the evening of the next day, then I can definitely get the job that I want. 


So I have spent the past four years applying, interviewing, auditioning, characterising, dancing, acting, researching, dressing up, dressing down, Princess-ifying, smile-perfecting and pirate-accent-attempting. 

At times this dream has been so close I could almost taste the fairy dust. I have passed Disneyland auditions, waited for months for phone calls and even was Donald Duck last summer (but if it's not for Disney it hardly counts really...). 

Then today Disney decided to sprinkle the tiniest pinch of fairy dust onto my eyelashes then run away before it reached the tip of my nose. 

"You are currently being considered for positions starting in 2013 and will receive further information on your application towards the end of June 2012"

Now my initial reaction to this was utter disappointment- I have to wait three more months?!

Then I spoke to the other applicants. Four out of one hundred and twenty had been offered dates. The rest of us had either received that message or been rejected.

For those of you who have never been to Disney- it's big. And they actually employ more than four people. 

So maybe this is it.

Maybe if I continue to wish upon a star, continue to dream in wishes, and continue to work as hard as Rapunzel, this time my dream really will come true. 

In the mean time, I'm off to see Louise....

Wish me luck :)

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  1. Loving the blog, sweetie!

    I wish you all the luck in the world for getting to work in Disneyland. If anyone deserves it, it's you! :) <3